Creating Exciting Virtual Experiences

Immersive Environments

At Void Dimensions, we take pride in being one of the forerunners of the new virtual reality decade taking place. VR systems present the most interactive and realistic gaming experiences players can play.

Advanced Systems

After creating a game's demo, we strive to put it on as many systems as we can to increase it's visibility, including the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, HTC Vive, and Google Cardboard, among others.

High Resolution

We use complex algorithms to trim our game to the 'right' size, providing the highest production value while also maintaining a high frame rate.

Experienced Team

Each of our core members, artists, and programmers have several years of gaming titles under their belts, coming from places as prestigious as Tsinghua in China, USC in the US, and Tohoku University in Japan.

Enjoyable Playgrounds

Experience our world full of raging dragons, colorful Zombies, shining Knights, and gritty Robots. Games provide a release from everyday life and a chance to live fearlessly from the comfort of a safe room.

Cutting Edge

Using equipment like the Vive, we take advantage of the advanced sensors that make the game most enjoyable, thing like body tracking, optical tracking, wireless input controllers, and gyroscopic sensors.

International Studio

With our connections in China, the United States, and Japan, we intend to take advantage of the global scene, and internationalize each game for the maximum exposure to the gaming community.

Original Games

If we find that we have designed something that has 'Been Done Before', we head back to the drawing board and come up with something novel and innovative for our players.

We bring the most exciting and interactive experiences to our players!

Our Games


Chief Executive Officer

Jiawei focuses on HCI systems. He released several game titles as an indie game developer.

MA, Information Systems
Tohoku University, Japan

Chief Information Officer

Ling worked for Travelsky Technology, and has many years of server developer experience.

BS, Network Engineering
South China University of Technology, China

Lead Researcher

Wang uses his dual programming and design skills to bring life to our projects.

MA, Computer Science
Tsinghua University, China

Chief Creative Officer

Lu has a vast selection of 2D art projects that she brings to the table.

MA, Graphical Design
Tohoku University, Japan

Chief Design Officer

Kurin works at the Institute for Creative Technologies in the US, a premire VR institution.

MSCS, Game Development
University of Southern California, USA

Lead Artist

Wang has been designing and creating 3D worlds since 2011, and has a lot of experience in game art.

AA, Graphical Design
Hebei College of Arts, China

We are here to usher in the newest wave of VR Games!